Heat map: Ashley Madison’s users distribution

Hello everyone!

Did you remember the Ash Madison leak, last week? Users around the world are seeking for information that should be confidential after a group of hackers decided to publish the database from the site. Of course, and due to the sensible nature of the data, there’s a lot of people looking for people they know -or at least their emails and other data- in this massive leak.

As there’s people taking this unfortunate events as an opportunity to find and embarrass their friends, work colleagues, bosses and ever their spouses, there’s other group of people looking for do ‘the good’ with this situation and teach us that the protection of our privacy should be a fundamental part of our Internet behavior, once and for all.

So, I’ve found this graphic that shows the detail of the site’s users distribution. As we can see in the graphic by city, most of the users by city were, at least, composed by an 85% of men. What a surprise.

Cisco warns about mail scam on windows 10 update

The company specialized on security released information about a new mail scam which is taking advantage with the Windows new Operative System upgrade.

According to the information, users have received emails informing about the “upgrade” from the email upgrade@microsoft.com with really doubtful links on it. The security firm says that the email is sent from a server located on Thailand.

For further information, please read the full article on USA Today: Beware scam Windows 10 download emails