How to: change WordPress user password with MySQL

Did ever happened to you that you are unable to login in a wordpress blog because you have not access to the email account?

There’s a way to recover your account without knowing the last password. The only thing you need is access to PhpMyAdmin and five minutes.

First step: access to PhpMyAdmin and go to the users table.

Second step: locate the row which needs the change, click the ‘Edit’ link.

Third step: The link will lead you to a form, locate in the form the value for the column ‘user_pass’. After that, you need to fill in the input your new password enconded in md5. Finally don’t forget to press the update button to save the row changes.
2016-07-23 15_20_39-Settings

Tip: You can use services like to encode a string to md5.
Shortcut: On second step, intead of use the ‘Edit’ link you can execute de following query:

UPDATE `wp_users` 
SET `user_pass`= MD5('yourpassword') 
WHERE `user_login`='yourusername';